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Welcome to the PlantFile Pro App a one-of-a-kind plant reference.

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PlantFile PRO App is an easy-to-use database with over 3,500 species and over 6000 cultivars and varieties of commonly used ornamental and native plants, together with over 14,000 photographs. PlantFile Pro covers common pests & diseases, and their control methods. iPlantFile Pro is a functional, real-time resource for anyone with an interest in plants – from gardening enthusiasts to professional horticulturalists.
The PlantFile Pro App is based on the principal PlantFile.com database, which is networked through Horticultural Colleges.
 Key Features include:
  • Visual browser allows you to scroll through the plants pictorially, and sort them by botanic or common names.
  • Detailed photos for each plant, highlighting growth habit of the mature plant, along with botanic features.
  • 42 categories of essential information covering all cultivation requirements and botanic features.
  • TALK feature for all species, with voice pronunciation and phonetic spelling of botanic names.
  • Pest & disease information linked to each plant species.
  • Name search function is available within three separate screens – search using common, botanic, family and syn. names.
  • Simple search function allows plants to be selected based on practical, simple-use.
  • Advanced search capability, including multiple nested search functions on all botanic features, with glossaries.
  • Download plant details locally to your phone for fast, internet free access.
  • Professionals, students and home gardeners can create & save unlimited selected plant lists that can be exported to e-mail, Facebook or Twitter, or to another iPlantFile Pro app.
  • E-mail reports are PDFs for professional presentation

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iPlantFile Pro
3,580 Species
Selected plant lists
Additional photo gallery
PDF function
2X licence
Text file capability
Add your own plants
Pest and disease info
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