PlantFile Online

Has PlantFile online all the features of the CD version?
  • Yes
Can i access PlantFile online on all computers?
  • Yes, PlantFile operates on all computer OS and phones or tablets
Is PlantFile online updated ?
  • PlantFile online is constantly being upgraded with new plants and additional data or images to the files.

PlantFile CD version

What are the System Requirements for the CD version? (Windows Only)
  • IBM PC or compatible computer
  • Windows 98 SE, ME, 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7 & 8
  • RAM: 32MB Available
  • HD: 500MB
  • 8 bit Video Card - minimum req. (16 bit or higher recommended)
  • Monitor resolution: 800x600 (1024x768 or higher recommended)
  • CD Drive - DVD drive required for PlantFile Pro
MAC & UNIX users?
  • Mac or other platforms can access PlantFile online through a subscription based service, which can be seen in pricing and orders. Alternatively contact PlantFile for more help.
What is the difference between the standard and pro version? Note: the Standard and Pro version are no longer available 4/9/2018 only myPlantFile Pro is available
  • The pro version has a DVD photo library with over 16,000 additional images that are linked to the appropriate plants. You can also add your own photographs to the gallery and in myPlantFile Pro you can create your own profiles. It also allows you to turn the images, reports and selected plant list into a PDF for easy e-mailing or archiving. You can make unlimited number of plant lists by saving them to the hard drive or to a CD as a back up. The pro version also has more plant species than the standard version.
What Version of PlantFile do I have?
  • Click on the ‘Help’ menu item in PlantFile and then click on the ‘About’ sub-item.
How Do I Install PlantFile?
  • myPlantFile CD is self-loading. Just follow the prompts on screen and look at the instructions inside the front cover of the CD case for details on how to register. Once it’s installed, you don’t need CD in drive. It is advisable to turn off you any-virus program during instillation.
  • myPlantFile PRO - you must have Photo Gallery in DVD drive while myPlantFile Pro is running to access the Gallery. (check Tutorial)
  • To run the myPlantFile program, double-click the PlantFile icon on the desk top.
Installing PlantFile upgrade CD...
  • Upgrade will automatically overwrite existing version of PlantFile but it is advisable to back up any data in the Users comment pages or in myPlantFile pro back up any additional plants. Once the back up's have been completed it is advisable to uninstall the previous version of PlantFile prior to installing the new version.
  • If you’re upgrading from Standard to Pro, you’ll end up with 2 icons on your desktop, just delete the Standard icon.
When I insert CD in the drive nothing happens…
  • Turn off your virus program and try again. If still nothing happens take the CD to another PC and try to install it.  This will help determine if the is a problem with the CD. If it installs Then there must be something stopping on the first computer, it could be a old cd reader. If it still doesn't’t work, then send it back to us and we’ll replace it with another tested disk.
    It is important to figure out if it’s a CD or a PC problem.
How do I access photos in DVD?
  • You must have a DVD drive on your computer
  • Close any windows prompts that appear.
  • You can only access the photos from PlantFile.
  • Open the plant details in PlantFile and click on the Photo tab
  • Inside this window is a Galley Tab. Clicking this tab will access the DVD library returning all images for that plant.
I’m using PlantFile Pro on 2 machines. How do I access photos for both?
  • The photo gallery in the Pro Version may be loaded onto the hard drive by replacing the GALLERY folder in PlantFile with the GALLERY folder that is on the DVD.
  • or, burn a copy of the Gallery folder to another DVD for the 2nd machine
If I lose my CD, can I replace it?
  • If you CD was and older version you will need to upgrade to the latest version. If it is a current version, a nominal fee will be charged and you will be sent a new CD.
How do I register PlantFile?
How do I learn about using PlantFile?
  • Access Help once you’ve installed the program
  • Tool tips appear when you scroll over each photo
  • Run the PlantFile Tutorial available on this website
How do I enlarge the PlantFile window?
  • Simple click and drag the bottom right hand corner of the window to resize.
How do I use Quick Search?
  • Just start typing – there is no flashing cursor in the text box
Why can't I click inside the Search Text field within the Quick Search Box?
  • There is no need. Just start typing.
I know the old botanic names but not new ones...
  • Inuick Search, highlight Q cultivars and type in old name you know. You’ll see a listing for each plant with both old and new names
Do you offer student discounts?
  • Yes, all versions of PlantFile are offered with a student discount. Student discounts can only be redeemed in person, by phone and email and a valid student ID is required.

                 PlantFile Pro App FAQ's

Q. What platforms will the PlantFile Pro App run on?
A. Currently the PlantFile Pro app will run on iPhone and can be loaded onto iPad and Android phones and tablets.
Q. Do I need internet access to run PlantFile Pro?
A. Initially you do need to have internet access to down load the App. There are two options for running PlantFile Pro.
1) You can run PlantFile Pro directly from the server. This requires internet access but will save space on your device but requires a good signal.
2) You can also download either the relevant individual plants individually onto your device or you have the option to download the entire database with is 510MB. Once completed you will not require internet access as you can search locally on your device.
Q. Why do I keep getting "check internet connection?
A. This warning occurs when the internet connection is slow or intermittent. To overcome this issue check the task manager to see how many background programs are running. It ideal to clear them. Access the database using local wifi for consistency.

Q. Why is the download slow?
PlantFile is a large database with a high degree of detail. It also includes thousands of photographs plus a Pest and Disease module, a total of 510MB. All this adds up to a longer period to download but on average it is around 1 plant per second.

  Tips on slow downloads or poor internet streaming.
Q. How do I access the Help files?
A.    You have two ways to access the help files.
1) Register by Select the “Help” button in the lower left screen. When you are registered, that screen will be replaced by the help files.
2) The back door to the help files is found by opening a plants details and then touching the “More Details” button. You can open the Help files by touching the icon that is located in the top right hand corner of that screen.      
Q. Why should I register?
A.    As a registered user, you will receive upgrade notices and technical support, and have immediate access to new resources as they become available.

Bogus registrations will be deleted and proof of ownership of the PlantFile Pro App is void. This will limit technical support, upgrade information and special offers. 
Q. How can I close the key pad when filling out the registration form?
A. Touch the grey area on the registration screen or touch the “Return” button on the key pad.
Q. Why don’t all the images load when I do a search in the visual browser?
A.     It is sometimes necessary to go back to the previous screen, then return, to refresh the screen. Alternatively, touch the box where the image is still loading and you will be taken directly to all the images and data.
Q. How do I change the hemisphere setting for my region?
A.     This is automatic, provided that the GPS in your phone is turned on.
Q. When I’m searching for common name, cultivar or family name, I find the wrong plants! Why?
A.     Many very different plants, have the same common name, or the cultivars or family names will have common elements. The search engine will list all plants that have the same string in their name (eg, type “chin” and all the plants whose common name contains “chinese” or some other variant of “chin” will be displayed).
Q. When I type in a species, rather than a genus name, the search engine treats it as though it was genus name. Why?
A.     All botanic names are unique. Botanic names are searched from the first letter of the genus name, so the search engine defaults to standard botanic nomenclature. Therefore if you start typing the species, the search engine assumes that it is looking for genus first and treats your species name as if it were the genus. If you typed in the entire botanic name accurately, the search engine will find the correct plant.
Q. Why do the photographs appear disproportional?
A. All the photographs are displayed initially in a square format. Once you touch an image it reveals the photo-gallery. In order to see the photographs in the correct proportion simply touch the main photograph that is being displayed and it will fill the screen in the correct proportions. Some photographs require the screen to be rotated as they are viewed in horizontally to attain the correct proportions. To go back to the photo-gallery simply touch the image displayed.
Q. What is an Access Number and how do I find it?
A. An access number is a number that is assigned to a specific selection of plants that have been sent by e-mail to another PlantFile user or a client’ or your own computer. The number is generated automatically once the selection has been sent and is displayed on the screen. It is also displayed on the recipients e-mail.

Note: this is a good way of saving plants to the server so when you change device you can recall your selections using the Access number to your new device. Simply send selections to your own e-mail and then they are saved on the server. Record the Access number and limit the number of plants to 10 -15 per e-mail otherwise they are too big.

Q. What is the access number for?
A. The access number is for retrieving a specific plant selection from the server. Simply touch the “Access Selection” button and type in the access number and the file will appear on your screen.
If you wish to test this function just send a plant selection to your own e-mail address and note the access number that appears on the screen. Then type the numbers into the “Access Selection” screen then touch OK and your own list will appear.
Note: This is a good way of saving plants to the server so when you change device you can recall your selections using the Access number to your new device. Simply send selections to your own e-mail and then they are saved on the server. Record the Access number and limit the number of plants to 10 -15 per e-mail otherwise they are too big.

Why is my search selection limited when I search locally?
A. Your search may be limited because you haven’t downloaded the relevant or all the plants.
Q. If I download the plants locally on my iPhone/iPad or Android device can I delete irreverent plants?
A. Yes, you can customise PlantFile Pro to contain only the plants you want.Simply go to Download....the View saved plants then delete the plants you do not wish to have.
Q. How do I acquire upgraded information?
A. As a registered user you will be notified by e-mail or advised in News and Events at www.plantfile.com what upgraded information and or changes that have been made to the database. Upgrades are free as PlantFile is an ongoing development.