CD Upgrade information

Welcome to PlantFile Upgrade

The number one plant information resource is now even better! 

In our 20th year of production, we are proudly releasing myPlantFile version 15.05 on the 10/6/2020

The PlantFile project has now reached a new level of comprehensive detailed information with thousands of photographs. No matter what part of the horticulture industry you are involved in PlantFile will assist, giving you a professional edge. 

Version 15.05 has over 3,800 species and the photo gallery has swollen to over 16,000 additional images.

Existing customers can upgrade their current CD version of PlantFile at a nominal fee which will vary depending on how old your current version is. Please contact us at or by phone on 0411512238 for more information.

The myPlantFile Pro version 15.05 has voice pronunciation of botanic names, up to date cultivar information and other features such as water usage region of origin maps. All of old files have been revised with more information and images. It is suitable for all Windows platforms including 7, 8, 10 and 64 bit processer.

myPlantFile PRO 15.05 includes the authoring capability allowing you to add your own pictures, plants and data to the existing database. The authoring module is ideal for anyone who has a unique selection of plants that are specific to your location and needs. Your plants may also be retrieved at any time for additional editing making it an ideal open database system. 

The team at PlantFile would like to thank the thousands of loyal supporters that made this upgrade possible. If you have just discovered PlantFile Version 15.05 you will be rewarded with the most compressive plant database on the market. It is available on CD or online and as an iPhone and Android App. Whether you are upgrading from an older version at a discounted price or purchasing myPlantFile Pro for the first time Version 15.05 has a lot to offer. Released 10/6/2020